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What is it?

Progain Extreme is the next generation of the UK's most popular and effective weight-gain supplement, Progain. Based on the latest research, Progain Extreme is designed in keeping with the power of Maximuscles, top selling product Cyclone. The goal was to make Progain using the same technology and science as Cyclone. By adding a weight gainer with the most researched muscle and strength increasing ingredients from Cyclone, Progain Extreme was created. The goal was to create a weight gainer that would deliver the greatest gains in muscle and strength ever seen with a weight gainer.

Progain extreme, a product of months of hard work, feeds your body with 506 calories that come from a huge 42g of whey protein per serving, and 58g of complex carbohydrates, along with a super-charged matrix of performance nutrients, including 3g MaxPure™ Creatine, 1g of HMB and 3g of pure Glutamine Peptides. The special combination of muscle building nutrients allows you to consume 3 servings of Progain a day, that′s an additional 1500calories, 120g of whey protein, without takiong too much creatine or HMB. This allows maximum calorie intake, without excess performance nutrients. Where as Cyclone is designed for those that want lean muscle gains, Progain extreme is designed for those that need size, bulk, power and muscle as fast as possible. There is nothing like Progain Extreme that we have seen. It is felt by many to be the ultimate in weight gainers and offers a high quality formula without the bloating caused by cheap casein based or skimmed milk loaded and sugar laden formulas found in most weight gainers on the market.

1 serving = 2 scoops (125 grams) ∼ (take up to 3 servings per day)

Energy: 506 calories
Protein: 41.2g
Carbohydrate (complex): 58.4g
Fats: 11.3 grams
Phospholipids: 2.4g
MCTs: 3.1g
EFAs: 2.5g
Creatine 3g
Glutamine Peptides 3g
HMB (Enzymatic Metabolites of Leucine) 1g

How does it work?

Many people fail to gain the muscle mass they dream about. Some give up and label themselves ′genetic losers′, while others keep on going despite poor results. If this sounds like you then Progain Extreme is likely to be a huge help, because it primes your body with the calories needed for real results. With several muscle supporting ingredients also included, it takes this process one step further and makes it virtually impossible not to gain weight, when used correctly.

Building muscle takes real effort, and if you′re a hard-gainer, getting the necessary calories without eating rubbish, high fat food can be very difficult. You need precise quantities of carbohydrates, fat, and protein, but you want muscle not fat. But if you fail to eat enough calories to fuel growth and provide energy for intense training, you just won′t make any progress ∼ and you′re wasting your time lifting weights. To aid the anabolic process and prevent too much fat gain, you also need to eat 6 small meals a day ∼ most people have family and work commitments which can make this very hard. Furthermore, thinking about preparing 6 meals a day makes many people fail, while actually consuming that much food can be a real drag.

However, Progain Extreme makes achieving this goal easier than ever, by providing a perfect balance of calories and nutrients, in a delicious, easy to drink formula. This is designer nutrition for individuals needing the perfect food for growth.

BIOMAX™ whey protein
Progain Extreme delivers only the finest BIOMAX™ whey protein, which is proven to trigger protein synthesis and muscle growth [1]. Compare this to most so called weight gainers that user cheap proteins such as soya, egg and casein.

Progain Extreme′s exclusive protein blend contains the same amino acids which have been proven to increase muscle mass, boost glutathione levels (an antioxidant), and enhance exercise performance.

If you′re wondering whether you need casein in your weight-gainer, be aware that most studies have found that whey protein is more powerful in aiding muscle growth and athletic performance ∼ which is why Progain Extreme only uses the finest BIOMAX™. Canadian researchers demonstrated the superiority of whey over casein in boosting performance, losing body fat and increasing energy levels. [2]

Furthermore, Australian scientists have demonstrated that whey protein isolate (comparable to BIOMAX™) is far superior to casein for stimulating muscle development [3]. In fact, after 10 weeks of resistance training, the whey subjects displayed 100% greater gains in muscle growth (whey increased muscle mass by 10lbs, compared to just 2lbs with casein). The study also indicated that whey is more effective in increasing strength, although both types of protein prevented the reduction in blood glutamine commonly witnessed with weight training.

Complex carbohydrate
Progain Extreme is one of the only weight gainers that is not filled with cheap, unhealthy simple sugars, such as refined fruit sugars (fructose) and sucrose (which is nothing more than table sugar) or pure sugar such as (dextrose/glucose) Progain Extreme contains maltodextrin, a complex carb derived from natural corn starch. Maltodextrin is quickly absorbed and the rise in blood sugar levels, cause insulin to increase the levels of amino acids available to the muscle, an important point when trying to gain weight and muscle.

Medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) are commonly known as ′designer fats′ in bodybuilding circles. MCTs have a unique chemical formation, meaning they are rapidly digested and metabolised. Unlike most other commonly found fats in weight gainers, MCTs are absorbed directly into the blood stream and burnt for energy in the liver ∼ meaning they are not stored as body fat. MCTs are processed like carbohydrates [4]. MCTs allow weight trainers to consume higher calorie foods without gaining unwanted fat.

Progain Extreme contains creatine monohydrate to directly boost muscle mass and help you train hard to stimulate more growth. Creatine is a natural amino acid, found in high concentrations in the brain, heart and skeletal muscles. It is also the world′s most researched sport supplement. Creatine is known as a high energy phosphate, producing ′instant energy′ during explosive exercise such as sprinting and lifting weights. However, creatine stores are rapidly depleted after approximately 10 seconds of maximum effort ∼ if you′ve ever wondered why you can′t lift that weight for another few reps, creatine depletion is a major reason.

Certain foods are rich in creatine, including mackerel and beef. However, it is very difficult to obtain large doses of the substance without supplementation. Creatine is also damaged by food processing and cooking. Many research studies have demonstrated the benefits of creatine supplementation for anyone wanting to pack on muscle size and strength.
Taking creatine for 12 weeks in conjunction with weight training has been shown to increase strength gains by 24% more in the bench press and 32% more in the squat, compared to a placebo [5]. And if you are after pure muscle mass, the results are equally as impressive ∼ trainers taking creatine gained 200% as much muscle as placebo subjects. Creatine also creates rapid results - the prestigious journal of Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise reported that five days after using 20 grams of Creatine daily, individuals gained an average of 3.1 pounds of muscle mass [6].

Glutamine Peptides
Progain Extreme is powered by the most absorbable form of glutamine available. The body naturally synthesises glutamine, however hard training can significantly lower optimal levels. Since glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in your muscles, it is very important to muscle growth.
Glutamine is commonly used by doctors and clinicians to treat immune deficiency diseases, since it fuels immune cells [7]. Progain Extreme offers a great way to maintain your training intensity without getting sick.

Many hard gainers don′t realise their gains are being eaten away due to a glutamine deficiency. In fact, recent research suggests that regular maximal training can reduce glutamine levels by 45% in just one week [8]. If you need any more reasons to consume glutamine, then a placebo controlled study has been published in the Journal of Nutrition suggesting that large doses of glutamine increase muscle growth by 400% [9].

Glutamine is a potent trigger for protein synthesis and consequently promotes muscle growth and strength. Glutamine is also a cell volumising agent, sucking water into muscle tissue as a storage medium. Supplementing with glutamine therefore increases free-glutamine within muscle cells, rapidly stimulating muscle growth. Taking just 2g of glutamine also doubles growth hormone levels in just 30 minutes [10], aiding lean muscle development.

Glutamine is so beneficial to the gut that consuming normal glutamine can prevent any glutamine ever reaching your muscles. However, Progain Extreme contain glutamine peptides which are absorbed intact, ensuring you get the full benefits of this powerful nutrient.

HMB (Enzymatic Metabolites of Leucine)
Progain Extreme contains HMB to offer your body an effective way of repairing exercise induced damaged muscle tissue ∼ meaning faster recovery and more muscle growth.

Muscles are composed of millions of microscopic cells. During training, lifting weights puts your cells under immense stress, causing micro-tears and inflammation. Proteins literally leak from your muscles until your body can repair them. HMB is unique in being able to plug these lesions ∼ eliciting bigger gains in muscle mass, strength and less damage following intense sessions.

One of the world′s most respected HMB researchers, Dr. Steve Nissen, reported that HMB supplementation resulted in 300% more lean muscle mass, compared to a placebo, after just 3 weeks of weight training. Furthermore, muscle strength increased by 100% in the HMB subjects [11].

The HMB in Progain Extreme will therefore help you gain mass and strength, however it can also aid your recovery, and get you ready for another mass building workout:

Runners at Iowa State University were given either a placebo or HMB supplement for 6 weeks. At the end of the 6 weeks, all subjects performed a 20-kilometer run. After 24-hours, cell damage was 58% higher in the placebo group. Even after 4-days, the HMB runners displayed 9% less muscle damage [12].

How do I use it?

Progain Extreme is very effective when consumed immediately after training (1 serving = 2 scoops). The special formula will stimulate insulin for a huge anabolic kick (insulin is a very powerful growth stimulating hormone). Because Progain Extreme has been upgraded with several muscle building nutrients, it is even more effective at promoting recovery and growth than the normal Progain - high calorie only weight gainer. On rest days, take one scoop of Progain Extreme daily in-between meals. If after a week, you′re still not gaining the weight you want, add another scoop each day, weighing yourself each week and adding another scoop daily, until you are gaining at least 2lb per day.

What results can I expect?

Progain Extreme is designed to pack on a minimum of 1-2 pounds of weight per week (when used with an intense training plan and high protein diet). Note that unlike most weight-gainers, the high quality formulation should promote almost all your weight as lean muscle, not fat. However, monitor your progress to make sure you′re gaining lean mass.

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