(Known as Commiphora Mukul, Gum Guggul, Guggulsterones)

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How does it work?
Guggulsterones are a mixture of several compounds isolated from the plant Commiphora Mukul (also called Gum Guggul). Carefully planned scientific studies show that guggulsterones reduce bodyweight, mostly due to their stimulating effect on the thyroid gland, which controls your metabolic rate.
Who is it used for?
Guggulsterones are useful for anyone who wants to lose weight, particularly for those who have been trying to lose weight for some time. Unlike supplements such as ephedrine, guggulsterones do not stimulate the nervous system, and are generally considered to be one of the safest supplements available.
How does it work?
Carefully planned scientific studies show that guggulsterones are highly effective at accelerating fat loss, mainly due to their stimulating effect on the thyroid gland. The thyroid hormones are among the most important hormones. They control your metabolic rate, which dictates how many calories you burn each day. When your metabolic rate slows down, which it does when you go on a diet, you automatically burn fewer calories each day. This means that the rate at which you lose weight slows down [5].

However, guggulsterones naturally stimulate the activity of the thyroid gland, returning your metabolic rate to where it should be. This means that weight loss becomes faster and easier, as your body naturally burns more calories each day. In one study carried in the journal Current Therapeutic Research, test subjects using a supplement containing guggulsterones lost fat three times faster compared to those using diet and exercise alone [1].

Following the six-week program, the group using the guggulsterone-based supplement lost 9.5 pounds of fat, compared to 3.1 pounds in those who just followed the diet and exercise programme. When the research team measured thyroid activity in three of the subjects, they found an 8-10% increase in thyroid hormone levels.

Guggulsterones are considered to be one of the safest supplements available, and do not stimulate the nervous system in the same way as products like ephedrine. They're also approved in India for lowering elevated cholesterol and triglyceride levels [2, 4]. Studies show that guggulsterones lower triglycerides and cholesterol as well as LDL and VLDL cholesterol (the "bad" cholesterol) [3]. At the same time, it raises levels of HDL cholesterol (the "good" cholesterol).
How do I use it?
A common intake of guggulsterones is 25 milligrams three times per day, in the form of Guggul extract standardised to 10% guggulsterones.
What results can I expect?
The effect of guggulsterones on weight loss usually becomes noticeable after 10-14 days. When guggulsterones are combined with other compounds (see below), you can expect to reach your weight loss goals a lot more quickly.
What can it be combined with?
Some experts recommend that guggulsterones be combined with Forskolin, a plant extract taken from the roots of the Coleus Forskohlii plant. Both of these compounds work in a slightly different way, and will make weight loss faster and easier when combined with a controlled-calorie diet and programme of regular exercise.

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