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How does it work?
Many athletes are increasingly aware of the need to consume adequate essential fats (EFAs), to support their training and physique goals. EFAs can only be derived from food sources, and include the important omega-3 fatty acids (found in saltwater fish, such as salmon, tuna, herring and mackerel, and also - as a precursor - in foods such as flax seed and walnuts). Maxi-EFA is a simple and effective way for athletes to supplement their diets with sufficient healthy fats, which are increasingly linked with boosting metabolism, hormone regulation, reduced inflammation, disease prevention and general well-being. The omega-3 fish oil in Maxi-EFA, is high in two EFAs crucial to human health, DHA and EPA, and is balanced by the addition of GLA, an essential omega-6 fatty acid. Maxi-EFA is the strongest pharmaceutical grade EFA supplement currently available.

Four softgels contain:
EPA: 960 milligrams
DHA: 640 milligrams
Borage Oil: 1920 milligrams (GLA 400 milligrams)
Vitamin E: 100 milligrams
How does it work?
Studies show that omega-3 fatty acids can reduce the risk for heart disease, boost your metabolic rate and help burn more body fat [1, 2, 3]. It is thought that DHA and EPA may lead to reductions in body fat due to changes in cellular metabolism, which may favorably influence the growth of lean tissues and the loss of adipose tissue. This effect may be due to Omega-3 supplementation increasing the levels of UCP2 in white adipose tissue, a marker linked with reductions in body fat.

Omega-3 fatty acids may also enhance insulin sensitivity, via improved insulin action and glucose metabolism in fat and muscle cells. This enhanced metabolic adaptation is also demonstrated by research showing EFAs to be preferentially oxidized, rather than being stored in adipose tissues as fatty mass. When six grams of fish oil replaced six grams of visible fat in the diet for a three-week period, the rate at which fat was being oxidized (burned) for energy increased by approximately 25% [4]. There is some thought that the fat burning benefits of EFA supplements, are attained when accompanied by exercise.

Further evidence to show the effect of fish oil on weight loss comes from a research group based in the Czech Republic [5]. A group of 20 severely obese women were randomly assigned to a very low-calorie diet supplemented with omega-3 fatty acids or with a placebo. Weight loss was approximately 25% greater in subjects using fish oil (7.6 kilograms) compared with subjects receiving placebo (6.1 kilograms).

Supplementary Omega-3s may also decrease inflammatory conditions such as joint pain and arthritis. Research shows that fish oil consumption reduces the production of pro-inflammatory compounds, including cytokines IL-1 and tumour necrosis factor (TNF), while the healing powers of a number of therapeutic oils rich in omega-6s, such as borage oil (contained in Maxi-EFA) can be attributed to their high concentrations of GLA. GLA-rich supplements such as borage oil can help calm inflammation [6].

According to most studies, fish or fish oil can significantly reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke [7, 8]. There are several mechanisms responsible for the beneficial effect of fish oil, including a drop in high triglyceride levels, raising HDL ("good") cholesterol levels, "thinning" the blood, lowering levels of homocysteine, and possibly reducing blood pressure [9].

Fish oil has also been shown to improve some of the symptoms of depression. In a four-week trial that looked at the effect of fish oil in 20 subjects with depression (who were taking standard antidepressants), three weeks of supplementation was enough to improve the level of depression [10]. Six of 10 participants given fish oil, but only one of 10 given placebo, showed at least a 50% reduction in depression scores by the end of the trial.
How do I use it?
The latest research shows beneficial results from just 3 grams daily, with 6 grams daily showing maximum results. Therefore, depending on your goals and body weight, consume 3-6 capsules of Maxi-EFA daily.
What results can I expect?
When consuming optimal amounts of Maxi-EFA, you can expect a range of benefits, including increased exercise induced fat burning, enhanced mental well being, and reduced inflammation.

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